The association was first formed by a group of secondary school Bursars coming together to share ideas. The decision to form an association was formalised at a meeting at Adelaide High School in 1974. The first President of the SA State High School Bursars Association was the late Jim Baker, originally located at Salisbury High School.

In 1992, it was renamed State High School Administrative Officers Association to reflect the change of title from Bursar to Administrative Officer. A further change in 1997 to State Secondary School Administrative Officers Association acknowledged all schools with a secondary component, including area schools. This professional organisation provided a network for training and development, addressed issues relating to administration and general running of schools and worked collaboratively with the South Australian Education Department.

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In 2003, members voted to provide membership opportunity for all schools, including primary schools, and to become an incorporated body. The new name became SA State School Administrative Officers Association.

As our education system has evolved, so has our workforce. During 2019-2021, the board undertook significant work to ensure the association and its brand remains modern, current, relevant and accessible to members. Members recognised the importance of supporting those new or aspiring to school business/finance roles. Through this re-branding journey many stakeholders were consulted including members, non-members, Department for Education staff, sponsors and other professional bodies. At the May 2021 AGM, members voted for a fresh name and look, and the association became SA School Business Association.

We are proud of our long history and the challenges and triumphs it has brought and look forward to a bright future as we continue to evolve and grow in response to the needs of our members.


1974 SA State High School Bursars Association
1992 State High School Administrative Officers Association
1997 State Secondary School Administrative Officers Association
2003 SA State School Administrative Officers Association
2021 SA School Business Association



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